Nationally Registered Applicant

If you are an optician licensed or registered in a Canadian jurisdiction where opticianry is a regulated profession, you may be eligible for registration with the College of Opticians of Ontario (College). If you are currently licensed or  registered under a class or category of registration that is similar to a class or category in Ontario you will not be required to undergo any material additional training, experience, examinations or assessments.

What kind of applicant am I?

Applicant 1:
Licensed to dispense both eyeglasses and contact lenses

Applicant 2:
Licensed to dispense eyeglasses only

Applicant 3:
Licensed as an intern optician or equivalent license

Application Process:

All Applicants (i.e. Applicant 1, 2 & 3) must provide the following:

  1. Completed Registration Transfer Request Form (click to download)
  1. A copy of your eyeglass or eyeglass and contact lens or intern certificate of registration from all regulatory authorities you are licensed or registered with.
  1. Letter of good standing from all regulatory authorities you are licensed or registered with (to be mailed directly to the College of Opticians of Ontario).

What is a Letter of Good Standing?

A letter of good standing is an official letter from a Canadian opticianry regulator that verifies the member’s current registration status. Letters of good standing typical contain but are not limited to the following information:

  • The current status of the member
    (i.e. if the member is currently licensed or registered)
  • The current practice status of the member
    (i.e. if the member is currently practicing opticianary or not)
  • The current class of registration of the member
    (e.g. practicing eyeglass and or contact lens optician)
  • If the member is up to date on his/her credits
  • Any current conditions or practice restrictions on the member’s license or registration
  • The regulator or association seal of approval

 All of the above information will be taken into consideration when processing Canadian out of province applications for a certificate of registration with the College. In order to be considered in good standing applicants must be currently licensed or registered with the regulator in their jurisdiction of transfer with a current certificate or equivalent certificate that is similar to the certificate they are applying for with the College. Any current conditions or practice restrictions on a member’s out-of-province certificate will be considered on a case by case basis at the time of the application.

Retention of Submitted Supporting Documents

The College may request legal and/or verifying documents in support of an application.  For more information on submitted documents please see the Retention of Legal and Verifying Documents Policy.

Next Steps and Processing Time:

Once the College receives the above documentation and transfer request form, we will review your request for registration with us and send an application form, written confirmation of our decision and the steps you need to take to register to the mailing address you provided. For more information on the College’s registration timelines please visit the registration timelines section of the website.


The Registration Committee has developed a flow-chart that outlines the above process.