Non-Accredited Education Applicant

Applicants educated in Canada and internationally educated applicants; who have not graduated from an accredited and recognized program or are not registered and in good standing with another Canadian opticianry regulator may be accepted for registration if they have a combination of knowledge, skills, experience and abilities which are, in the opinion of the College of Opticians of Ontario’s (College) Registration Committee, substantially equivalent to the ones required for new applicants under the College Regulation. After they have completed a Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) process, these applicants may be directed to complete further examinations, testing, education, training, experience and other upgrading and/or assessments as determined by the Registration Committee.

1. What is PLAR?

2. Who conducts PLAR?
PLAR is conducted by the College’s Registration Committee.

3. What are the steps?

4. How do I apply for PLAR?

5. What are the application/ registration costs?

6. What is the assessment based upon?

7. What happens after I complete PLAR?

8. What is the National Licensing Examination?

9. How long will the process take?

10. How do I know if my prior learning will be assessed fairly?

11. Can I appeal the decision of the Registration Committee?

12. I am unable to provide all the requested documentation what should I do?

13. What happens to supporting documents submitted to the College?


The Registration Committee has developed a flow-chart that outlines the
process outlined above.