Career Opportunities

Be more involved with the College


This Fall the COO will be looking for nominations in three electoral districts – District 4 (Southern), District 6 (all of Ontario) and District 7 (Central Western). Visit our elections page for more information.

Call for Appointed Members

This fall the College will be looking for Appointed Members to join our team and work with Council on Committees starting in January of 2020. Although they do not have voting privileges at Council, Appointed Members play an active role in the College by serving on committees and participating in working groups. Appointed Members are compensated for time spent on College business and for reasonable expenses incurred. For more information on becoming an appointed member contact us at mail@coptont.org

Peer Assessors and Practice Assessors

Peer and Practice Assessor conduct on-site practice assessments of the knowledge, skill and judgement of selected COO members. This includes a behavioural-based interview, chart review, and equipment inspection. Following the assessment, the QA Peer and Practice Assessor must produce a comprehensive, objective, and accurate report of the member's assessment findings for the consideration of the Quality Assurance Committee. QA Peer and Practice Assessors are paid a daily fee and compensated for associated travel and meal expenses.

Examiners to the National Contact Lens and Eyeglass Examinations

An examiner observes the performance of exam candidates in a practical station and records their observations on standardized test sheets. Examiners do not decide whether a candidate passes or fails a station or the exam. NACOR makes all pass/fail decisions. Examiners are paid a daily fee and compensated for travel and meals.


The College recruits models for contact lens fitting portion of exams. Models are paid a daily fee and compensated for travel and meals.

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