How to File a Complaint

Submit in writing or other permanent medium to the College of Opticians an outline of your complaint including:

  • Name of the member
  • Member’s business name
  • Member’s business address and telephone number
  • The time and date of the incident(s)
  • A detailed account of the incident(s)
  • Any supporting documentation
  • Names of any potential witnesses

Complaint against a Member

Please view The Complaints Process page for details on how complaints are dealt with.

To initiate a complaint against a member of the College, please complete the form below to the best of your ability.

Complaints Form [PDF]

If you require a paper copy of the complaint form, please contact the College at: Phone: 416-368-3616 or Toll-free: 1-800-990-9793 ext. 213 and provide your name and address. 

Should you wish to speak with someone regarding the complaints process, please contact the Complaints Department at the College of Opticians for further information.

Phone: (416) 368-3616 or (800) 990-9793 ext. 213 
Email: complaints@coptont.org

Fax: (416) 368-2713
Toll-Free (Ont): (800) 990-9698

Mail:  College of Opticians of Ontario
          90 Adelaide Street West, Suite 300
          Toronto, ON M2H 3V9
          ATTN: Coordinator, Professional Conduct