Contact Lens Mentor Program

Contact Lens Mentors may supervise student and intern opticians for the purpose of mentoring them in soft and/or rigid contact lens fittings and signing the logbook. The Contact Lens Mentor Program continually enhances the training and education of student and intern opticians.

Benefits of being a Contact Lens Mentor:

  • Give back to the profession by helping a student or intern optician gain practical experience by sharing your experience, knowledge and wisdom
  • Opportunity to claim 1 non-accredited, self-directed continuing education hour for every 500 supervising hours in each year to a maximum of 2 hours per year
  • Practice and develop management skills and enhance your own professional development
  • There is no cost to become registered as a Mentor

Contact Lens Mentor Core Responsibilities:

  • Supervise soft and/or hard contact lens fits and verify the fits in the student or intern logbook
  • Remain actively dispensing as an optician in good standing
  • Not charge a fee to sign logbooks or supervise student/intern opticians
  • Refer the student/ intern to another professional when you are unable, or it is beyond the scope of your role as a mentor, to assist (eg. if you are a Soft Contact Lens Mentor, you may not supervise rigid contact lens fittings)
  • Always be professional, respectful, friendly, helpful and concerned
  • Renew your mentor status every 3 years

Becoming a Contact Lens Mentor:

Information for student and intern opticians:

Student and intern opticians dispense eyeglasses, contact lenses or sub-normal vision devices only under supervision or direction of a registered optician, optometrist or ophthalmologist. The supervisor must be physically present when the dispensing occurs. 

It is the responsibility of the student or intern to ensure that their supervisor is registered with the College as a Contact Lens Mentor. Only soft and/or rigid contact lens mentors may sign the logbook for soft and/or hard contact lens fits. To verify your supervisor is a registered as a mentor, please refer to the Public Register.

Until September 1, 2017, Certified Contact Lens Fitters (CCLF) Opticians may supervise soft and rigid contact lens fits without registering with the COO as a soft and/or rigid mentor.

For further information, please contact:

registration@coptont.org or (416) 368-3616 Ext. 203