Continuing Education Activities

COO Accredited Education Activities

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Continuing Education (CE) Providers

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For more information on activities that can be counted towards your unaccredited, self-directed requirements, please refer to the Quality Assurance Continuing Education (CE) Hours (PDF).

*Please note that the list of COO Accredited Education Activities does not include the activities that were previously recognized as General Business (GB) and Professional Activity (PA). All GB and PA courses are now considered to be non-accredited, self-directed continuing education activities.

GB and PA credits obtained from 2011 – 2013 can be used as non-accredited, self-directed continuing education activities that link to a learning goal for the 2014 portfolio only. Beginning in 2015, all CE hours (accredited and non-accredited) must be applied to the professional portfolio in the year that the CE is actually completed. For further information on the CE activity transition plan, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions document.