Frequently Asked Questions

What are the fees for the National Examinations?

The National Examinations are administered by the National Association of Canadian Opticianry Regulators (NACOR).  The College of Opticians does not collect fees for the exams; all payments should be made directly to NACOR.  Information about National Examination content, process, deadlines and fees can be obtained by calling the NACOR office at 1-866-949-1950 or by visiting NACOR.

How many times may I take the Examinations?

According to the limits on eligibility, candidates are entitled to attempt the National Examinations a maximum of three times within the three-year period from the time they gain eligibility. After three years or three unsuccessful attempts, whichever comes first, a candidate must submit a request to the Registration Committee for any subsequent attempts at the Examination. The Registration Committee will determine the requirements a candidate must complete in order to become eligible for a subsequent attempt at the exam. The requirements may include an upgrading program.

When will I get my Examination results?

NACOR will mail examination results directly to candidates within eight weeks of the examination date. Results will not be provided by telephone.  Please do not contact the College of Opticians for your results; the College does not grade examinations or mail out exam scores.

Once I have passed my exam, how do I obtain registration as a Registered Optician?

If you have successfully passed both the National Contact Lens and Eyeglass Examinations, and would like to become a Registered Optician in Ontario, you must download, complete and submit the 'Registered Optician Application Form' to the College.

You can visit our website here to review the general registration requirements for a certificate of registration with the College. All other registration requirements are detailed in the cover letter of the application form.

Inquiries regarding registration with the College should be directed to registration@coptont.org. Application processing times are approximately 6-8 weeks. The College is committed to ensuring that all applications are processed in a timely fashion.

When can I begin practicing as an optician? 

You may not begin to practise as an optician or use the title 'Registered Optician' until you receive confirmation from the College that your certificate of registration has been issued. 

Shortly after the approval of your application, you will receive an email from the College notifying you of the issuance of your certificate of registration as a Registered Optician. Please ensure that your email address on file is current.  You can begin practicing as an optician upon receipt of this email.