Frequently Asked Questions: General

Can I have an extra certificate for my secondary practice/place of work?
No. Only one (1) certificate is issued to each registrant and it remains the property of the College of Opticians of Ontario. A certificate may not be transferred, photocopied or duplicated in any manner. The certificate must be displayed at your primary business location and must be returned to the College along with the ID badge in the event that member's registration expires, is revoked, or the member requires a name change.

How do I change my name with the College?
If you have had a recent legal name change due to a change in marital status, or any other reason, you must officially change your name with the College and your current certificate and ID badge must be replaced. The name appearing on your certificate and ID card must match your name on the register. Your name will not be officially changed unless the following are sent to the College:

  1. Proof of your name change such as a photocopy of a marriage certificate, or court document
  2. $56.50 for certificate and $56.50 for ID card replacement
  3. your original wall certificate and ID card (they are property of the College)

My decals were stuck on the glass frame containing my certificate and it has broken. Can I get replacement decals?
A fee of $11.30 is applicable to each decal that requires replacement. Please note that the College can only take requests for decals that go back to the year 2000.

How can I change my address with the College?
All changes in primary business location and/or home mailing addresses must be sent to the College in writing. Emails, facsimiles and regular mail are all accepted. The College does not accept changes of address over the telephone. Please find the address change form in our Resource Room or click on the following link.

Do I have to inform the College of my home address?
Yes, the College's regulations state that every member must notify the College of the name and address of their primary place of business, principal place of residence and the addresses and telephone numbers of all locations in which the member practices the profession. Home addresses and telephone numbers are strictly for office use and are never given out to the public or insurance companies unless the home address is also the primary business address. If you work out of your home, you must, by law, submit your home address, as it is also your primary business address.

I want to go on Maternity Leave/Leave of Absence.
Do I have to inform the College?
If you choose to not renew your certificate of registration, the College appreciates being informed of your intentions. As a legal requirement, your certificate of registration will be suspended. Should you wish to reinstate, you may apply at any time by contacting the Registration Department.