Incorporation for Health Professionals

Regulated health professionals are permitted under the Regulated Health Professions Act to form a professional corporation for the purpose of practicing their health profession. This means that opticians have the option to incorporate their practice and run it through a "health profession corporation".
There are several requirements for professional corporations, among them:

  • All officers, directors and shareholders of the professional corporation must be opticians who are members of the College
  • The corporation cannot carry on business other than the practice of Opticianry.
  • The name of the professional corporation must include the words "Professional Corporation" (or "société professionelle")

Opticians who wish to practice through a professional corporation must first do the following:

  • Incorporate with the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services under Ontario's Business Corporations Act; and
  • Submit an application to the College for a Certificate of Authorization.

Please review the application guide and incorporation package for more information and to find copies of the necessary forms required for the application process. Opticians wishing to practice through a professional corporation should also review Article 16 of the College's by-laws for further details regarding applicable fees, renewal, and their obligation to notify the College of changes in shareholders.
The incorporation package is available in hard copy upon request. Please note that the package is not intended to provide legal or financial advice, which can only be obtained by contacting an accountant and / or a lawyer.