Student & Intern Renewal

As a Registered Student or Intern Optician in Ontario you are required to renew your Certificate of Registration with the College on an annual basis, on or before September 1st if you wish to remain registered with the College.

Renew early for peace of mind

The College has mailed out your prepopulated renewal form to your home address on record. If you have not received the renewal, please contact the College, and we will be happy to assist you. Please note that if you have been registered as an Intern Optician for three years, or if you have made three attempts to write the NACOR exams, you do not qualify for renewal. Should you wish to make another attempt at writing the NACOR exams please review the Examination and Upgrading Policy and contact the College at (416)368-3616 ext. 205

Not planning on renewing?

Please note this fact on your renewal, sign the declaration and forward it to the College.

What's New?

The renewal is made up of several parts. Please ensure you have the following information when you are ready to renew:

If your citizenship status in Canada has changed or expired you are required to update your information with the College and provide documentary proof of same. Personalized information has been provided to you on your renewal form, including the request for updated information should it be required.

If you completed post-secondary education since you registered as a student or intern optician with the College, you are required to provide details of your education, along with proof of same, with your renewal.

Concurrent Registration
If you are registered with a governing body, either in Opticianry or any other profession, in Ontario or any other jurisdiction inside or outside Canada, you are required to provide details of your registration to the College.

If you answer "Yes" to any questions in the Conduct section of the renewal, you are required to provide an explanation of the circumstances to the College, along with any supporting documents you might have.

Renewal Deadline

Please renew your Certificate of Registration before September 1st to avoid any late fees, confirm there are no outstanding requirements, and to ensure you are registered for the upcoming registration period.  Please note the College is mandated to send suspension notices to all members who have not renewed by September 1st.

Renewal Outcomes

Not Renewing

If you choose not to renew your certificate of registration, and provide us with a written and signed statement to that effect, you will receive an email from the College acknowledging your decision and notifying you of your options should you choose to practice as a student or intern optician in Ontario in the future. Please note your status on the public register will be changed to "Not Entitled to Practice".

Outstanding Requirements

If you complete your renewal but don't submit all required documents, or the documents require review by the Registration department, you will receive an email notifying you that your renewal is on hold pending the submission and/or review of the outstanding requirements.

Renewal Approved

If you complete the renewal and meet all the requirements for approval, you will receive an email thanking you for renewing within 72 hours of the College receiving your renewal. Your decals will be mailed to you shortly following approval.

Confirmation of Payment Receipt and Official Tax Receipt

You will be receiving an email confirming your payment as soon as it is received by the College. Please note the confirmation of payment receipt is not an official tax receipt. Your official Tax Receipt will be mailed to you with the renewal decals

Renewal Assistance

Should you require assistance with your renewal, or wish to schedule an appointment to renew your certificate at the College, please contact us and we will be happy to assist.

Phone: (416) 368-3616 ext. 200
Email: registration@coptont.org