Examination Overview

The College of Opticians (COO) recognizes the National Contact Lens Examination and National Eyeglass Examinations, offered by the National Association of Canadian Optician Regulators (NACOR), as the entry-to-practice examinations. Individuals must complete both the Contact Lens and Eyeglass Examinations in order to qualify for registration in Ontario as a Registered Optician.

The National Examinations are administered by NACOR; the COO assists in the facilitation of the examinations. Please refer to the schedule for the next Ontario examination session(s).

To apply to write the examinations, or for questions regarding examination content, procedure or results, please contact NACOR directly, at 1-866-949-1950 or visit the NACOR website at www.nacor.ca .

The COO determines the eligibility of examination candidates in Ontario. Applicants are deemed eligible to write the National Examinations in the following circumstances:

  1. For accredited education candidates: Upon completion of opticianry training in both contact lenses and eyeglasses from an accredited educational institution.
  2. For unaccredited education candidates: If exam eligibility is conferred by the Registration Committee after successful completion of a competency assessment and/or specified bridging program.
  3. For candidates seeking registration in other provinces: Upon confirmation of eligibility by the candidate’s home province. Examination results will be provided by NACOR to the home province.

Candidates who wish to write the National Examinations must hold an active and current certificate of registration as an intern optician with the COO.

Examination candidates are permitted to attempt the National Examinations a maximum of three times within the three year period from the time they gain eligibility. After three years, or three unsuccessful attempts, whichever comes first, a candidate’s certificate of registration as an intern will be revoked. In order to obtain a supplemental attempt at the examination, individuals must submit a request and upgrading proposal to the Registration Committee, which must be approved and completed to the satisfaction of the Registration Committee, before any further attempt at the examination will be permitted.

For further information, please refer to the College’s Examination and Upgrading Policy.