Quality Assurance Program

To assist Registered Opticians (ROs) in meeting their legislative obligations under the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991, the Quality Assurance (QA) Committee has developed a QA program that requires ROs to engage in self-assessment and professional development each year. The QA program promotes continuing competence, and ensures that ROs maintain a high standard of practice and professionalism in the public interest.

Each year, ROs must complete a Professional Portfolio which requires ROs to reflect on their practice, enhance their competence and demonstrate continuous learning. As part of the Portfolio, ROs must complete a combined total of 16 continuing education (CE) hours annually*, which includes:

  • 8 accredited CE hours (4 hours specific to contact lens (CL) technology, and 4 hours specific to eyeglass (EG) technology), and
  • 8 non-accredited, self-directed CE hours, linked to a learning goal

*Opticians who have a refracting designation from the College are required to submit two additional CE hours specific to refraction (RF).

ROs must also successfully complete the Jurisprudence and Sexual-Abuse Prevention Self-Evaluation Tool once every three years. The tool is designed to help ROs maintain professional boundaries in their practice.

Professional Portfolio Documents

  • The Professional Portfolio forms and Guide book can be found here
  • To view an example of a completed portfolio for a fictional optician, click here.

QA Program Documents:

  • Professional Portfolio Guide (PDF)
    This document provides information about the Quality Assurance Program and explains how to complete the Professional Portfolio forms.
  • QA Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (PDF)
    This document provides answers to your frequently asked questions about the QA program.
  • Goal Setting Recommendation (PDF)
    This document will help you develop an acceptable learning goal to work
    on throughout the year.
  • QA Requirements for New ROs (PDF)
    This document explains the accredited and self-directed CE that new ROs are required to obtain in their first calendar year of registration as an RO.
  • Quality Assurance Continuing Education (CE) Hours (PDF)
    This document outlines which activities can be counted towards your unaccredited CE requirements and which activities can be counted towards your accredited CE requirements.

Quality Assurance Peer Assessments

Deferral/Extension Request Form

Preparing your Portfolio

This video provides guidance on putting together your Professional Portfolio.

Direct link to MP4 video