Reinstatement (Lifting of Suspension) of a Certificate of Registration

Registration Process for Reinstatement of a Certificate of Registration

Should a member decide not to renew their certificate of registration with the College of Opticians of Ontario in any given registration year they will receive an official notice of default. Their license will be suspended sixty (60) days from the date of issue of the notice default if full payment of their renewal fees and their renewal application is not received within the two month default period. This is a legal requirement and will occur regardless of the reason for not renewing. We encourage our members to let us know if they will not be renewing.

Members have three years from the date of their suspension in which to reinstate their license to avoid their application being referred to the Registration Committee for review.

Reinstatement as a Registered Optician

Reinstatement as a Registered Student Optician or Intern Optician

Reinstatement Policy (PDF)

For more details, please review the Registration Policy on Reinstatement.

The Registration Committee has developed a flow-chart that outlines the Reinstatement process and a flow-chart that outlines the Reinstatement Review steps.