Professional Practice Support Program

The Professional Practice Support Program is a service developed for members, patients, the public and anyone else who would like to obtain information or practice advice from the College's Practice Advisor. For members, it establishes a consistent and user-friendly resource for information or advice during the course of practicing opticianry and serves as a support to promote quality practice. It also provides the College with information about the practice of opticianry, providing a broad perspective on emerging trends and issues related to the delivery of vision care, and it serves as a tangible link between the College and its members, the public, other healthcare professionals and other various stakeholders.

Members of the College have access to the following services and resources through the Professional Practice Support Program:

  • Individualized practice advice from the College's Practice Advisor regarding the College’s standards and regulations, privacy and confidentiality, scope of practice, workplace issues, expectations of the profession, the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991 and other relevant legislation and how the laws and regulations affect the practice of opticianry in Ontario.

    The Practice Advisor can be contacted by phone or email:

    Tel: (416) 368-3616
    Toll-Free (Ont): (800) 990-9793
    Fax: (416) 368-2713
    Toll-Free (Ont): (800) 990-9698
    Email: practiceadvice@coptont.org

  • Annual Workshops & Webinars
  • Professional Practice Resources
  • Workplace presentations (available upon request by Ontario Opticians)
  • Practice Case Studies – Coming Soon
  • Professional Practice FAQ’s
  • Professional Standards of Practice (Revised as of September 2015)

Please click here (PDF Format) for more information about the Professional Practice Support Program. Members are encouraged to participate in the future development of this section by sharing their professional practice questions with the College. Please email practiceadvice@coptont.org to share your comments.