President's Message

December 2017
It's hard to believe that we are coming to the end of another year. Saying that 2017 brought significant changes at the college I believe would be an understatement. I am pleased to announce to all those not already aware the college has relocated its offices to:

90 Adelaide St, West, Suite 300 Toronto, ONTARIO M5H 3V9

We have had elections which have brought new as well as incumbent members back to the council table and we have been joined by a new public member, appointed to assist us in our tasks of dealing with new issues facing the college and this council and we have lost some members who have faithfully and tirelessly worked to deal with the issues of the day with which council had to deal with. Further this year we have had 150 students, a record number who wrote the NACOR Licensing exams.

Firstly, I would like to say a welcome to Ms. Jaclyn Cop-Rasmussen who has been appointed as a new public member to sit on council.

Next I would like to say a fond and heartfelt farewell to three members of our council family who have sat at our table and diligently served tirelessly to protect the people of Ontario by bringing their knowledge and dedication to their tasks as members of council, they are Ms. Eve Hoch (Public Member) Mr. Jeff Fernandez (Elected Member) and Mr. Alain Chow (Appointed Member). Your input at the council table and the committees on which you sat will be sorely missed.
As I previously mentioned there were 3 elections were just recently held. The results of the elections held are as follows:

District #1 Re-Elected was Ed Viveiros
District #5 Elected was Dorina Reiz
District #8 Elected was Neda Mohammadzadeh

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the individuals who were elected and re-elected in their respective districts. I also like to wish well to all of the members who took part buy vying for a seat at the council table. You may not have been successful in your bid for that seat but your attempt makes you a individual who wants only to assist this college maintain its mandate to the people of Ontario and to me that makes you WINNER in my mind.

As you may already be aware the college after a great ongoing deal of work is continuing to implement the Q&A program. The Registrar, Chair of Q&A and myself have been attending continuing Ed programs to inform members of the college and to explain the new college requirements effecting its members, they are continuing to advise members on their Q&A requirements, the aspects of the governments new legislation Bill 87 which deals with programs towards the prevention of sexual abuse and the new requirements placed upon the college and its members in that area.

Further the college is happy to announce that the member renewal online is now up and running, allowing members to renew their licence in s faster and more streamlined fashion, allowing the expediting their ability to pay and in turn receive their decals.

If you were not able to attend any of those venues and you require further explanation of the items we spoke about, please contact our practice advisor at the college offices.

The college is still continuing to take steps in an attempt to stem the tide of illegal dispensing in Ontario.

Currently the college is in the process of continuing its ongoing review of college by-laws in an effort to make our by-laws more relevant and in tune with the current times.

I would like to close by letting you all know how much I have enjoyed closing out my fourth term as your President and look forward to continuing to work with this council in the coming year.

Let me just pass on my BEST WISHES of the Holiday Season to yourselves and your families and my wish to you of a Healthy and Happy 2018