National Public Awareness Initiative

Legislative amendments to the Regulated Health Professions Act 1991, includes an object for colleges “To promote and enhance relations between the College and its members, other health profession colleges, key stakeholders, and the public”. This college supports a public awareness campaign initiative with the best interest of serving and protecting the public in mind as it relates to Ontario Opticians. The College of Opticians of Ontario has piloted this project through the beginning stages with the intent to educate. The college in conjunction with National Opticianry Groups will use our website, newsletter and events to promote ongoing updates and progress. This college continues to be mindful of our Mission and Vision statements. The College’s mission is to serve and protect the public interest through effective regulation of the practice of Opticianry. The college’s vision is to be recognized and valued as a progressive accessible organization that ensures the public’s right to quality vision care while providing accountable leadership in the self regulation of Opticians.

Protect yourself and your family
Choose only a qualified Licensed Optician; an Optician Registered with this College.

Look for:
• Your Optician's Photo ID Badge, administered by the College
• Your Optician's certificate displayed prominently

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Changing how you see the world… and how the world sees you.

An optician is a licensed professional trained to help you see better – whether you’re near or far-sighted, or have low vision due to more complex eye health issues.

It’s reassuring to know the profession of Opticianry in Ontario is regulated and governed by strict standards to protect your vision and ensure opticians provide you care of the highest standard.

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