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October 17, 2019

Response to Court Decision

Our role as the regulators for the professions of optometry and opticianry is to ensure that Ontarians receive high-quality vision care. We embarked upon this legal action with the sole focus of protecting Ontarians’ vision care whether they purchase their eyewear in store or online. As well, Ontario laws require a regulated health professional’s involvement in the prescribing and dispensing of corrective lenses, which unfortunately does not always occur with many online retailers. 


Our colleges continue to believe that the internet can be an effective tool for providing vision care services. We have protocols in place to support Ontario optometrists and opticians who choose to use the internet to care for their patients. We also regularly review our professional standards of practice to address evolving technologies and innovations in our industry. The College of Optometrists most recently updated its standards in September and the College of Opticians is currently reviewing its standards, with both reviews considering the use of the internet in delivering vision care. 


Our vision is an important part of our overall health and we encourage Ontarians to confirm that a licensed provider is involved in their vision care by visiting the public register for the College of Optometrists or the College of Opticians

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