Patient Personal Health Information

Opticians’ Record Keeping Obligations

All registered opticians are required to keep patient health records in the course of practising opticianry. In addition, opticians and optometrists who work together have certain joint obligations with respect to record keeping and record transfer.

To learn more, see the following documents:

Providing Patients with Access to their Personal Health Information

Under the Personal Health Information Protection Act, 2004, Opticians have an obligation to provide patients with access to their personal health information when it is requested.

To learn more about responding to a request from a patient to access their personal health information, see the following document:

Reporting Privacy Breaches

Under the Personal Health Information Protection Act, 2004, opticians who are health information custodians are required to make a report when there has been a privacy breach with respect to a patient’s personal health information.

To learn more about when and in what circumstances opticians are required to report privacy breaches, see the following document:


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