Professional Portfolio

Every year, all registrants must engage in self-assessment and professional development through the completion of a Professional Portfolio. Beginning in 2021, registrants must complete all components of their Professional Portfolio (Accredited Activities, Non-accredited/Self-directed Hours, and the Competency Self-assessment) in Quality Assurance section of their Registrant Portal.

Annual Requirements

Competency Self-Assessment

Registered Opticians are required to complete a Self-Assessment annually. This process helps you to consider which learning activities you should participate in the coming year.

Professional Development

As part of the portfolio, registrants must complete a combined total of 16* continuing education (CE) hours:

  • 4 Accredited Contact Lens (CL) Hours
  • 4 Accredited Eyeglass (EG) Hours 
  • 4 Accredited Professional Growth (PG) Hours
  • 4 Non-Accredited, Self-Directed CE hours


All registrants must complete Jurisprudence Chapter One: Professional Boundaries & Sexual Abuse Prevention within 12 months of initial registration and then once every 3 years. To do this, please go to the Jurisprudence Tool. This will count as 1 PG hour the year in which it is successfully completed.

Professional Portfolio Guide

To get started with your Professional Portfolio, you should review the Professional Portfolio Guide. This will walk you through how to complete each of the Professional Portfolio components.

All components of your Professional Portfolios must be completed online in the Quality Assurance section of your Registrant Portal.  Instructions and video tutorials are available on the Completing your Professional Portfolio Online page.

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